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An ever-changing search for perfection



A strategic centre for Italian design in tiles

Target Group is a new company that combines a wide range of products and services for the design of tiles with unrivalled technical, artistic and organisational standards.

It is the result of a flexible combination of industry and crafts, based on the experience and excellent standards gained by Target Studio in over 20 years working in the field, boosting the development of new technical and creative solutions through tailored training, design and manufacturing workshops for businesses.

Target Group includes the brands Unica, 14 Ora Italiana and Fuoriformato, with their ranges of specific collections, and Studio, Top and Academy, providing services in ceramic design, tile cutting and finishing, and in the training and professional growth of human resources.


A synergism of professional skills and outstanding technology

Tiles made and sold for the world of architecture are lasting assets, and, as such, they must have a high technical content, great aesthetics as well as a high level of innovation to stand out on the global markets.

Becoming the beacon of Italian design in tiles with an extremely wide range of products and services means investing in research and in the development of a synergic system of strategies, processes, cutting-edge technology and people which all together make tiles inspired by tradition, while enhancing the most creative and exclusive traits of Italian design.

The value of the Group

Target Group brings together modern manufacturing processes and methods that widely use numeric control and the ‘lean enterprise’ model, combined with the traditional crafts in which it is deeply rooted and of which it retains the techniques that enhance the quality of its products.

Target Group makes customised products and services to meet the customers’ requirements, aware of the importance of providing unfailingly unique and distinctive solutions for contemporary design.

An endless search for new styles, a passion for art, good design and architecture are in the DNA that no longer looks at decorative ceramics and lasting surfaces as mere tiles, but as 360-degree design projects forindoor and outdoor areas.

Lasting design must be viewed as a new form of aesthetics in which art, beauty and function combine to tell about cultures, people and places, while adding a contemporary twist to colours, textures and materials.

Target Group values and educates new professionals by helping them learn distinctive skills. An approach that combines a search for excellent manufacture with the development of technical and organisational resources, the involvement of professionals and design consultants, to grow and improve all the time, with passion, dynamism and teamwork, while respecting each other’s identity.

Using cutting-edge technology, Target Group supports all of its manufacturing processes with pollutant-reducing methods, while maximising energy efficiency to produce perfectly clean, eco-friendly and sustainable products.


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Design and bespoke decorations at the service of the ceramic industry

Studio takes up the job that made Target Studio one of the greatest names in the ceramic industry, working as a contractor for companies that need exclusive, elegant decorations with extremely high quality standards and cutting-edge design, a successful combination of technology and craftsmanship. Traditional techniques are supported by innovative methods, the result of endless research, and attention to any new market trend and development.

Studio offers a turnkey service, which includes:

  • Research and design of decorative ceramics
  • Development of customised decorations
  • Processing of digital and paper drafts
  • Production of samples in the lab, with technical and colour tests
  • Production and packaging of products
  • Consulting and technical assistance all through the R&D process

Studio monitors and certifies every part of the manufacturing process to make sure its products meet the highest technical and aesthetic standards; its products bear the “Ceramic Tiles of Italy” seal and are synonym with:

  • Unfailing care for choosing the most valuable materials
  • Involvement of experienced, qualified professionals
  • Transparent creative processes
  • Leadership in design and endless evolution.


Tile cutting and finishing

TOP was born in 1993 as a tile-cutting specialist. Over time, it has extended its range of products, using new technology, and has become known as a qualified contractor for the ceramic industry, specialising in cutting, grinding and engraving processes. Because of its professional standards and the reliability and quality of its services, it has remarkably grown, adding more staff and larger plants. Now, Top is a division of Target Group that holds overall expertise in tile cutting and grinding, and makes products for the Group and as a contractor.

Top’s distinctive values are:

  • Customised processes and reliable deliveries
  • Quality Control at every stage of the manufacturing process, personally conducted by the owners
  • Superior production, high output
  • A challenging workplace and highly motivated staff

Specifications of the manufacturing plants: TOP has a manufacturing plant with two wet squaring lines, one for tile sizes 11x30 cm to 40x120 cm; the other for minimum size 15x15 cm from 60x120 cm slabs. The new plant at Roteglia of Castellarano includes, moreover, two dry squaring line; one that reaches the minimum size 20x60 cm from 80x200 cm slabs; with the other dry squaring line the following sizes can be obtained: first module of 20x120 cm; second module of 40x240 cm. TOP has 12 cutting lines producing tiles ranging from 2x2 cm to 120 cm, with suitable technology for edge-breaking cuts or slight grinding or for cutting shimmed products, as well as 2 in-line driers for “monoporosa”.

TOP offers its customers a 900,000 square meters storage and an warehouse covered packaging.

Via Radici in Monte, 10
42014 - Castellarano (RE)
Phone: 0536 851129
Fax: 0536 855120
mail: kontatto.top@target-group.net


Knowledge as an accelerator of development and growth

Target Group Academy is a division of Target Group specialising in applied research to broaden knowledge in the manufacture and processing of surfaces, in the attempt to implement innovative technological solutions and create special applications.

Target Group Academy is a mixed, interactive and highly attractive learning environment, a place for exchanges and sharing to learn more, develop new ideas and new processing and technological approaches, to improve productivity and human performance.

The goal of Target Group Academy is to increase people’s skills, change the old business models and enter new markets to create added value and bring success to all of the company. The Academy can be attended by the staff of Target Group or of any other company.


Target Group believes that a company’s future is built on people, a stronger professional identity and teamwork, sharing the highlights and achievements with them.

That’s why Target Group Academy is working at a training and development programme to improve the specific and relational skills of the company’s staff. Actually, it is strategic for the company to standardise the corporate culture and strengthen the corporate identity through innovation, to be more competitive on the market.


At the same time, the Target Group Academy division is completing several skill-development programmes in specific areas for professionals from other companies as well.

Since today training programmes need to be ‘just in time’ and ‘tailor-made’ to meet the requirements of any company and any professional, Target Group Academy focuses its programmes on real priorities, offering a tailor-made approach and method, based on: strategy – process – technology – people.

The courses are designed to help companies achieve measurable business results: to do this, the staff at the Target Group Academy work with the customers to find performance indicators (KPIs) that can monitor progress towards goals and the potentials of a machine and/or process.


The underlying goal is to help technicians and/or professionals working to understand the manufacturing process and the features of the machine, and properly apply the new technology.

In-depth expertise enables people:

  • To make the most of the potentials of the machine
  • Save substantial time and money in the finishing process
  • Develop high processing standards, with a high output
  • Reduce environmental impact, with the option to recycle dust from the process
  • Reduce maintenance by 60%

The efficiency of the machine also depends on finding the right diamond tool and the right cutting rate. A proper use of tools can also have a remarkable impact on costs.

Different training and support programmes are included, as described below. Ongoing assistance can be optionally provided.


Contemporary designs for the ceramic world

14ORAITALIANA was created to give different answers to people looking for alternative aesthetic solutions. Its products are outstandingly distinctive, an interestingly fresh take on contemporary design.

The eclectic spirit that runs through the brand doesn’t want to go after one single mood but wants to take inspiration from different sources and be challenged by different dimensions, such as art, design, fashion, street style, in the pursuit of a new harmony, a new aesthetic balance.

14ORAITALIANA brings together different, versatile materials and a wide colour palette: a combination of tradition, technology and innovation in which stoneware and natural materials relate to each other; and what’s more, not only stoneware but concrete, glass and stone as well. Target Group’s mission is to develop the brand to broaden the range of materials, while strengthening its position as a company specialising in research and experimentation and as a beacon for professional designers and interior decorators.

To find out more: www.14oraitaliana.com


Non-standard ceramics

FUORIFORMATO is the new Target Group brand for 100x300 cm and 160x320 cm large and thin surfaces (6 mm).
For the first time, large-size stoneware meets a triumph of colour and creative design: not just copies of existing materials but creative and imaginative decorations as well. Stoneware surfaces become a blank canvas that can be defied by artwork, textures and figurative images or non-standard solutions.

As well as providing a catalogue with a wide range of solutions, FUORIFORMATO can be used by professionals and interior decorators to create the most exclusive and unique customised designs.

  • With the high performance of porcelain stoneware, FUORIFORMATO embraces the great outdoors, broadening the concept of decoration that has traditionally been confined to interior design.

  • FUORIFORMATO is the first supplier of large tiles, in which technology and craftsmanship combine in unusual, distinctive ways: the industrial manufacturing process comes after the hand-made one that gives the ceramic tile that depth of material, that care for the detail and that precious authenticity that only man can give.

To find out more: www.fuoriformato.net


Ceramic handicrafts

UNICA stands out for its alternative ceramics, taking its distance from the “digital” world that only makes copies of natural products (wood, concrete, marble, stone). Here are the so-called “engineered surfaces”, a perfect blend of the most technical ceramic products, full-body porcelain and glazed stoneware, with exclusive decorations and textures designed and produced with ancient traditional handcrafted procedures.

  • By coming up with brand-new surfaces that are diametrically opposed to those of its competitors, Unica wants to provide the design world with a product that may be used in any place and in any circumstance: floors and facings in residential or commercial buildings, indoors and outdoors.

  • Unica offers 360-degree customisation options, inclusive of design, prototyping, packaging and delivery of the finished products in the colours and shapes chosen by the customer, under the guidance of a technical and engineering team.

To find out more: www.unicaceramiche.com


T PROGETTO, customized design for the Contract consultancy service

Passion, creative flair and made-to-measure solutions.
These are the key strengths of the Target Group Contract division. A style that testifies to the most genuine Italian traditions. A unique combination of craftsman's skills and sophisticated technologies.

Designer ceramic surfaces that provide the room settings of important building projects with a distinctive look: from hotels to shopping malls, from large cruise liners to external building facades, from fashion boutiques to exclusive restaurants and cocktail lounges. Even urban design. We can provide our services world-wide thanks to international experience acquired in over ten years of activity.

A tailor-made service
T Progetto is a creative, professional partner that provides services for contractors, design studios and public bodies. All-round collaboration which begins with the project brief and continues until final delivery. Our services comprise:

  • Creative consultancy focused on developing the ceramic surface
  • Technical and performance advice to ensure the product is used in the best possible way
  • Creative consultancy for the development of patterns and color combinations
  • Cutting of surfaces into all the required shapes
  • Provision of coordinated special pieces to complete the ceramic surface plan
  • Advice on how to install the ceramic material
  • Sales and marketing assistance throughout all stages of project development
  • Logistical support

A motivated, design-oriented team
The T Progetto team has a distinctive way of working since its members come from various professional backgrounds and include an art director, product designer, architect, marketing, communication, budgeting and sales experts, crafts people. The result is a dedicated group that forms the Contract division and extends to include a further network of out-sourced skills able to deal with every sort of planning requirement.






TARGET GROUP is an haute couture studio for ceramic surfaces.
We are a laboratory of creativity and innovation, committed every day to developing new ideas that go beyond the classic industrial production. We can bring to life stunning ceramic products thanks to the combination of high-quality raw materials and glazes, and hand-made decorative techniques.

Our original and outstanding “tailor-made” products are created to meet the architects’ and interior designers’ needs. Our “prete-à-poter” collections follow the international trends and bring the best quality design in Italy and all over the world.


T-CLUB is a new concept of B2B collaboration, with a common goal: to develop both business and sales.
Through T-CLUB, we want to create a business model where products, services and marketing merge together in an exclusive and customized commercial project. As the world’s first haute couture studio in the ceramic field, we are selecting the best Italian and global retailers and distributors to establish the T-CLUB network.

We want to share with our best customers:

    A professional partnership where every company shares its own skills to achieve common goals and take new opportunities.
    The combination of corporate values and reputation to offer distinctive solutions with an added value on the market.
    The creation of a privileged relationship reserved to carefully selected partners, with highly customized services.

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